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Doctoral Colloquium
There will be a Doctoral Colloquium in the upcoming RESER 2016 conference. The colloquium will take place September 7, 2016 in Naples, immediately prior to the RESER 2016 conference. The Doctoral Colloquium is organized for doctoral students at all stages of their dissertation project. This event provides a platform for students to network with other doctoral students and receive feedback, guidance, and support for their dissertation projects in a collaborative, open and friendly atmosphere. For more information on submissions and registration to the doctoral colloquium,
visit the RESER 2016 Doctoral Colloquium

​​RESER (The European  Association for REsearch on SERvices) is a network of research groups and individuals active in services research and policy formulation, mainly located in European countries.

The Association was established in 1988 at a time when knowledge on service employment and industries was scarce and there was a limited understanding of the role of services in economic and social restructuring.

RESER 2016

What's ahead in Service Research?

New perspectives for Business and Society 

26th Annual RESER Conference

September 8th-10th, 2016, Naples, Italy

Organised by University of Naples Federico II

Venue: Congress Center Federico II, via Parthenope, 36, 80121, Naples

The challenge for service scholars in the 21st Century is to contribute to the understanding of the economics and society. The New Millennium brings a new complexity of systems, interactions, networks, technology and social issues at the core of developed and developing economies and societies and the need of rethinking the relationships between businesses, organizations and public actors.

The RESER 2016 conference aims to capture frontier thinking in service research and to set a new research agenda to make sense of the full picture of economies and society as complex networks and systems of services. 

This Conference is a forum for presentation and discussion of inter-disciplinary, innovative studies in service research. Scholars and practitioners of management, marketing, engineering, economics, sociology, geography, are invited to submit papers that explore and develop a multidisciplinary understanding of various service issues. 

Reser 2016 will provide the opportunity to meet with peers and exchange ideas to ensure that our work can have impact.

A specific strength of the RESER conferences has been their multidisciplinary nature.

The University Federico II of Naples, welcomes you to join us to continue this tradition. Thus, we can expect a 2016 Conference with a vibrant atmosphere that enables border-crossing insights and challenges our current views in a way that takes the service research forward.

Conference participants will also have the opporunities to explore and enjoy the ancient city of Naples and its historical center listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Thank you for your contributions to the 2016 Reser Conference and warmly welcome to Naples.

Tiziana Russo Spena  and  Cristina Mele